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Honorary President
HRH the Prince of Asturias has seen fit to accept the Honorary Presidency of the "VI Ibero-American Congress on Erosion and Sediment Control CICES 2012".


It is the first time, after the five previous events that the Ibero-American Congress for Erosion and Sediment Control (CICES) crosses the Atlantic to celebrate this event on the European Continent, where we are two countries that share great affinities and joint problems in the erosion control such as Portugal and Spain.

This event offers the opportunity to promote interest in the care and conservation of the soil in countries where when talking about environmental problems, reference is almost always made to water. Landfills, landfills (dumps), air pollution …… but the problem of poor soil management and practices is hardly ever discussed. This good, also scarce, will therefore be treated as productive or degraded that it is necessary to conserve or, failing that, restore.

He also offered great opportunities for knowledge sharing in R & D + i, and about the latest technologies on soil conservation or restoration in Iberoamerica, in order to achieve environmental sustainability goals.

The congress will be held in Granada from 1 to 4 October 2012 at the Palacio de Congresos y Exposos. It will include pre-congress courses, conferences, technical visits, side events and exhibitions.

The objective of the Congress is the debate and analysis of new ideas, proposals and means for erosion control and soil restoration. The debate and the programmed activities will also allow the exchange of new technologies in erosion control. The protection and proper use of the soil, the control of erosion and the management of sediments are currently priority issues in the need to achieve environmental sustainability, hence the selected motto has been:

"Towards a comprehensive solution"


VI Iberoamerican Congress Control Erosion and Sediment (CICES 2012) - Granada (SPAIN) from the 1 4 2012 October