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Common services

Generic services we offer to all our members regardless of the associative category to which they belong, are:

20% of discount at least in the inscriptions to the Congresses and Days of the Association, as much for the assistants as for their companions.

20% of discount at least in the inscriptions to the Training Courses imparted by the Association.

10% of discount in the sponsorship and sponsorship of Congresses, Conferences, Fairs and all kinds of events organized by the Association.

Subscription free to the Carreteras Magazine.

Publication of news of the entity in the Magazine Roads.

Discounts in the acquisition of publications.

Service Free consultation in Library and documentary archives.

Presentation of proposals for the Road Medals of Honor.

Invitation to social events and specific Technical Conferences.

Mention in the list of members of the Carreteras Magazine, the website and the Annual Activity Report.

Promotion of the activities, initiatives and products of our members through the Contact Database of the ACS, both nationally and internationally.

Promotion of internationalization through ICEX / IVIA / ERF / STA / IRF.

Use of the logo of the AEC in web pages and printed documentation.

Service of advice in communication.


As novelties within the services that the Spanish Road Association provides to its members, the following stand out:

Your "Head" Engineer. Technical guidance service offered by the experts of the Department of Studies of the AEC. Personalized management of contacts.

The "Corner of the Vago" of the AECSearch service for documents, reports, articles, reports, rules, news, trends ... on road infrastructures, transport, mobility ..., both nationally and internationally.

Campaign "What can we do for you?". The AEC team will contact all its members to try to know their concerns, concerns and needs, with the purpose of making available those associative resources that allow responding to the different demands.

Campaign "The partner has the floor". Periodically and through the communication channels of the AEC, initiatives, products, services and news of the associates will be announced, through videos, voice notes or written documents (to be defined with the interested parties).

Members Only Channel. Multimedia channel for the ACS member

Weekly summary of "The holders of the sector". Each week an infographic analysis of the news of the sector and a selection of the most important information published in the printed press, general and specialized, of interest for the members of the Association will be offered.

Campaign "Partner brings Partner". Those members of the AEC whose hand they request to join the Association other organizations or companies, will benefit from a free registration to one of the Congresses of the Association or an announcement in the Magazine Carreteras (to be defined with the interested party).

Annual fidelity award. Each year, the AEC will recognize the trajectories of more than 25 years of support to the institution with the celebration of a tribute act.

Asociación Española de la Carretera
Goya, 23 - 4º Right.
28001 - MADRID (Spain)
Tel .: (34) 91 5779972
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