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Influence of the characteristics of bitumen and mastic in determining manufacturing temperatures and work of bituminous mixtures

Andres Costa Hernandez
Asphalts y Construcciones Elsan

Javier Lozano Loma
Asphalts y Construcciones Elsan

Emilio Moreno Martínez
Repsol Technology Centre


One of the parameters with greater importance for the correct application of bituminous mixtures is the temperature of manufacture, spread and compaction. There are several factors that determine it, some associated with the specific characteristics of the work (such as ambient temperature, layer thickness or execution time) but generally related to the components of the mixture. There is no doubt that the application of these materials in inappropriate conditions of temperature causes a bad termination as well as accelerated deterioration with loss of the properties provided for the pavement.

Manuals in different bituminous mixtures and specifications manufacturing temperature is related to the viscosity of the binder, both conventional bitumens as modified. In none of the documents made no reference to the mastic filler and bitumen blocks, having great importance for the definition of their characteristics.

We present a work on the variation of the most significant characteristics in these materials that influence the determination of the conditions of manufacture and implementation, such as viscosity, for different types of binder, and especially tests with the mastics formed by filler and bitumen. Finally we will relate all these results with workability and compactability tests carried out on a bituminous mixture made with these materials.


Manufacturing temperature, Mastics, Bituminous mixtures, filler-bitumen ratio.

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