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Bitumen modified low temperature. Running anti-cracking mix

Baltasar Carlos Rullan Marqués
Chief Engineer Conservation, Generalitat Catalunya

Francisco José Barceló Martínez
Repsol Technology Centre

Emilio Moreno Martínez
Repsol Technology Centre

José Luis Pradas
Technical assistance Rlesa


This article highlights the need to adapt technologies to reduce the working temperature of the asphalt to the characteristics of the modified bitumens, in order to achieve optimum results in mixtures work.

The technique of temperature decrease described in this paper was developed at the Center of Technology Repsol, and consists of a modified bitumen viscosity lower than conventional formulated with additives that do not impair properties of the modified bitumen, such as elastic recovery, Fraass brittleness and the ductility.

The article concludes that the modified bitumens low temperature are a step in the advancement of techniques to reduce the working temperature of asphalt mixtures.


asphalt mixtures modified Bitumen, Viscosity, Additives

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