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SDG1. Towards the eradication of poverty in the world

Profesor Titular. Bio Ocean Solutions. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid


The article outlines the keys of the Sustainable Development Goal number 1, which sets out global guidelines for the eradication of poverty in the world: global social protection systems for the most vulnerable, mobilizing resources for cooperation, create solid regulatory frameworks at the national, regional and international levels, etc. The author reviews the path followed by the United Nations and other supranational organizations up to the formulation of the 2030 Agenda, and analyzes how the emergence of COVID-19 has affected the chronic state of poverty at a time when, in some areas of the Globe, signs of improvement were appearing. A reference to the “Next Generation EU” Program is essential, implemented by the European Union with a budget of 1,8 billion euros to help to rebuild the Old Continent after the devastating effects of coronavirus. The author recalls that poverty is not only a problem in developing countries, but also in areas considered as social and economic well-being regions, which are suffering the scarcity of resources. In the conclusions, the author presents the results of the case studies developed in 2021 by twelve teams of civil engineering students in order to find efficient actions against poverty. It was concluded that there are common patterns which difficult the way out of poverty in the short term without an economic investment and support in the planning and management of processes by means of external teams for local actions.


ODS, Poverty, Agenda 2030, United Nations, COVID-19

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