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Abrasion tests comparison to evaluate the performance of road marking acrylic paints

Veronica Vanesa MECHURA
Miembro del LEMaC - Centro de Investigaciones Viales

Hector Luis DELBONO
Miembro del LEMaC - Centro de Investigaciones Viales

Guadalupe CANOSA
Miembro del CITEMA

Facultad Regional La Plata

Universidad Tecnológica Nacional


To evaluate the durability of road marking materials, there are tests ranging from field tests to large-scale equipment that require large testing time to obtain the results. On the other hand, to evaluate abrasion resistance, there are used general methods for all types of paints. For this reason, the Aggregates Accelerated Polishing Machine and the Wet Abrasion Test (used for asphalt slurries), are implemented in order to evaluate the performance of road marking materials, in service. Both waterborne and solventborne acrylic paints are used and the results are compared with the Taber Abraser Test under the same curing conditions. As a conclusion, the Accelerated Polishing Test allows to estimate in service behavior of road marking paints with the advantage of being able to test several samples under the same conditions simultaneously.


Road marking, Acrylic paint, Accelerated polishing, Abrasion.

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