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Analysis of the relationship between road pavement maintenance condition, fuel consumption and vehicles’ emissions

Subdirectora General Técnica

Managing Director 

Asociación Española de la Carretera


This article summarizes the results of real tests carried out on roads, with light and heavy vehicles, aimed at evaluating how much more fuel is consumed when driving on a road in poor condition, as well as the associated emissions generated. In the case of light vehicles, differences in average fuel consumption were 3,5% lower in newly paved roads, while in the case of heavy vehicles, the reduction reached 4%. The research assessed the effect of improving surface condition of the Spanish rural network, from a conservative hypothesis, saving almost 600 million liters of fuel and 1,5 million tons of CO2 per year. The research was developed with the support of the following organisations: Becsa, Eiffage Infraestructuras, Mercedes, Ponle Freno and Probisa.


Emissions, Maintenance, Fuel consumption, Resurfacing.

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