Perception of vertical prohibition and warning signs with or without background color

Department. Psychobiology and Methodology in Behavioral Sciences
University of Malaga, Spain


The present work aims to demonstrate the possible interaction between the variables form, symbol and background existence in the perception of vertical prohibition and warning signs. The results of the tests showed interaction between Form x Symbol of the vertical signal, both for the reaction times and for the accuracy in the responses issued by the subjects. And, enter Shape x Background of the vertical signal for reaction times. The results allow us to affirm that, to recognize a vertical signal more quickly and accurately, it is better if they are presented without a colored background, since this situation is the closest to the current reality. The shortest reaction times are observed when both the shape and the symbol of the signal coincide with the objective to be detected, favoring holistic strategies and, therefore, taking the subjects less time to detect and decide on the responses.


Visual perception, Holistic strategies, Traffic signs, Color vertical signs background.

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