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Interurban Mobility Management (GMI): current events and potential future trends

Civil Engineer, Channels and Ports.
Member of the Transportation Committee of the College of Civil Engineers, Canals and Ports


Starting from a brief retrospective analysis of Interurban Mobility Management (GMI), the article delves into the trends and innovations that will be present in this process in the short and medium term, and tries to answer some of the main questions that are raised about it. Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) replace human resources? Will the AI ​​be able to issue messages, advice, guidelines or simply specific or global information about the state of mobility in infrastructures through multiple routes? Currently, trends and innovations related to users (such as receivers but also transmitters of information), vehicles (safety and emissions), infrastructures (sensorisation), and the environment (winter roads) revolve in this line. and to computer developments (emulation of human intelligence). Trends that are briefly addressed in this work, under the prism of the lines of research that are on the table at the present time.


Management of Interurban Mobility, Automation, Emissions, Artificial Intelligence, Mobility, Trends.

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