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Evolution of self-launching falsework in bridge construction

Head of Civil Works Structures Area
Technical direction
Ferrovial Construction
(Chairman of the Working Group to update the Self-launching Shoring Manual)


Starting from a historical introduction on the origins and evolution of bridge construction, as well as the description of the self-launching falsework system, this article details the advantages of using this technique from the point of view of accelerating deadlines. execution of these infrastructures. The work reviews some of the most important bridges built with self-launching falsework in Spain and other European countries. Likewise, it describes the most significant aspects of the Self-launching Shoring Manual, published in 2007 and updated in 2015, which was promoted by the General Directorate of Roads of the Ministry of Development (today the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda), with the support of the National Construction Confederation (CNC) and the collaboration of the Association of Construction Companies and Infrastructure Concessionaires (SEOPAN) for the drafting of the document.


Self-launching falsework, Bridges, Construction, Structures, Viaducts.

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