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The accidentality in the Mallorca road network. Year 2017

María Soledad GRAN BLEDA
Ingeniera Técnica de Obras Públicas
Serveid'Explotació i Conservació de Carreteres
Consell Insular de Mallorca


The management of Road Safety in the local public networks of Spanish roads has been carried out at the discretion of each of these public administrations, applying the calculation procedures that each administration has protocols. In this article the procedure for the calculation of accidents on highways and the analysis of the results obtained, used by the Insular Council of Mallorca is exposed. Since the publication of the European Directive 2008/96/EC on Road Safety Management of Road Infrastructures, and its subsequent development in the Spanish legislative framework with RD345/ 2011, Circular Order 30/2012 and Circular Order 39 / 2017, public administrations show an interest in introducing their application, despite not being mandatory.


Accidentality, Road Safety, Management, Road Safety Inspection, Cyclists, Motorcyclists, Mallorca

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