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Retrospective vision and current issues: a green deal for road paving and a proposal to define the Asphalt 4.0 concept

Juan José Potti Cuervo
Presidente Ejecutivo de la Asociación Española de Fabricantes de Mezclas Asfálticas (ASEFMA) y Vicepresidente de la European Asphalt Pavement Association (EAPA)


Starting from a brief retrospective of the context of road paving in the last half century, the article shows the main challenges for the industry of asphalt. In the field of European transport policy, the decarbo-nization of road transport, sustainable construction and maintenance and research and developments are key elements, which have a decisive impact on the national scenario.

In addition, the article explores the definition of the Asphalt XNUMX concept, which the author presents as the most appropriate answer to an increasingly disruptive environment around vehicles and mobility. There is a definition of the concept, as well as a description of its advantages and an analysis of the consequences of its application in the Spanish road paving industry, highlighting the involvement of private sector and public administration in the materialization of the proposal.


Paving, Decarbonization, Green deal, Asphalt 4.0, Sustainable construction, Sustainable maintenace, Asefma, Aspahalt, Bituminous mixture.

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