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Road metamorphosis and 70 sustainable mobility routes

Ezequiel Domínguez Lucena
Doctor Engineer of Roads, Canals and Ports. City of Madrid.


Public space for our streets and roads is conceived by the society as the most accessible of public goods. We access to it for free as soon as we leave our homes, while it offers a unique social space for coexistence. This article goes in depth in the study of how streets in large cities are being transformed to adapt themselves to the new mobility models. It is a transformation which is leading to a new urban model, polycentric, with multiple uses and activities able to revitalize neighbourhoods’ life.

The second step of the mentioned metamorphosis public space used for our mobility is the transformation of the rural road, which will need to maintain the coverage 5G quality required by the mobility devices of the future. Mobile phones are expected to be the most useful and universal tool for the access to mobility services and route planners.


Sustainable Mobility, Smart City, Public Transport Collective, Personal Mobility Vehicles. Urban model.

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