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Road inventories and vertical alignment recreation through video, GNSS receivers and other low cost tools

Santiago Higuera de Frutos
Profesor Ayudante en el Dpto. de Matemática Aplicada a la Ingeniería Civil y Naval de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid 


This article summarizes the research work developed during the doctoral thesis defended by the author in 2017 at the Technical University of Madrid and which won the second prize in the seventh edition of the “Premio Internacional a la Innovación en Carreteras Juan Antonio Fernández del Campo”. Current procedures for carrying out road inventories do not provide an adequate solution for all types of roads neither all the agents involved. Low cost alternatives are proposed for the inventory of roads: solutions for the film inventory using smartphones, a flexible data model valid for the inventory of any road type and an algorithm that provides the analytical expressions of the vertical profile’s elements of the road calculated from its slopes. Essays and results obtained demonstrate the validity of the proposed algorithms, tools and procedures.


Inventories, Reconstruction, Alignment, GPS.

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