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Determining the carbon footprint of the asphalt mixtures and their sustainable techniques

Ángel Sampedro Rodríguez
Prof. Dr. Ingeniería de Carreteras. Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio (UAX)


This research work has consisted of the development of a specific methodology based on real and verified data that allows the carbon footprint of the asphalt mixtures to be calculated with the final objective of determining the emissions of greenhouse gases involving this materials, with a life cycle analysis prospect, and to be able to analyze the possible environmental advantages that may be involved in the use of more sustainable techniques than those normally used in road paving. Within these sustainable techniques have been analyzed, on the one hand, the use of different percentages of reclaimed asphalt pavement for the mixing of new mixtures. Furthermore, the possible environmental advantages that, applying the methodology developed, the production of bituminous mixtures at lower temperatures than the hot mix asphalt, analyzing warm mix asphalt, half-warm mix asphalt, and cold mix asphalt have also been evaluated.


Sustainability, Asphalt, Bitumen, Climate change, Carbon footprint.

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