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How to make the roads safer

Mario George Leiderman
Civil engineer. Coordinator of the Road Safety Commission of the Asociación Argentina de Carreteras


Despite the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety, statistics show an increase in the number of deaths and serious injuries in traffic accidents, mainly in middle-income and low-income countries.

The road safety process has been changing over the years and today we start from the concept that every human being makes mistakes, and therefore the road system should be designed so that this error does not mean his death or that of the rest of the Transit participants

This implies a very important change in the participation of responsibilities in the accident, the driver occupying a less important role in its production, being part of that responsibility transferred to those who design and build the road system.

For this reason, a country with a safe road infrastructure is one that has a road system such that an involuntary error by a driver does not lead to a fatal accident or serious injuries. For this reason, in all cases, the short, medium and long-term programs and plans must take into account improvements in the road infrastructure through its design and maintenance, thus making the streets and roads safer.


Traffic, Traffic, Road Safety, Infrastructure, Design, Zero Vision, System, Accident, Planning.

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