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AUTL bituminous mixtures for ultra-thin road surfaces

Ingeniero de Caminos, Canales y Puertos. ARNÓ

Technical Engineer of Public Works. ARNÓ

Laboratory technician. ARNÓ


The superficial rehabilitation of pavements with bituminous mixtures type AUTL ("Asphalt for Ultra-Thin Layers") offers interesting economic, technical and environmental advantages although it requires to adopt special precautions in the selection of materials, designs and constructive procedures. The method of joining an AUTL-type layer and its support is an essential part of the process. It is necessary to foresee that obtaining a satisfactory adhesion may require improving the properties of the irrigations usually used under layers of greater thickness. On the other hand, they are layers that, under the same actions of traffic, may be subjected to stresses considerably higher than conventional pavements. In the design stages, the corresponding requirements of tensile strength and fatigue life must be considered, among others. In the present article the criteria used by ARNÓ company are explained and justified.


Bituminous mixture, asphalt mix, ultrathin layer, AUTL mixture, tread layer, Adhesion, tension, deformation, pavement, analytical method.

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