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Good practice guide for adapting roads to climate

Deputy Technical Director. Spanish Road Association (AEC) 

Coordinator of the road team. Direction of Analysis and Technical Evaluation.
Vice President of Infrastructure of CAF - Development Bank of Latin America


There has always been a close relationship between climate and road infrastructure; However, the accelerated changes that are taking place mean that the historical climate data that have been used to date are not sufficient for an adequate management of the current infrastructure. If the planning and design of the roads are still carried out only according to the usual engineering practices and the existing historical data, it is very likely that they will not allow to respond to the climatic events that have been happening in recent years and that, Predictably, they will continue in the future.

The Guide to Good Practices for the Adaptation of Highways to Climate that has been published by CAF - development bank of Latin America, aims to generate knowledge about the importance of defining infrastructure adapted to the climate throughout its life cycle, as well as to show examples, actions and measures of good practices that could be useful to apply to highway projects.


Climate change, Adaptation, Resilience, Climate, Environment, Design, Planning, Life cycle.

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