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The training of construction machinery operators in Spain

Enrique Corral à lvarez
Managing Director. Construction Labour Foundation


Currently, there is no official training of construction machinery operators in Spain: neither professional qualifications in the educational field nor certificates of professionalism in the workplace. There is hardly any regulation of two professional cards (tower crane and self-propelled mobile crane) and the preventive training established by the General Agreement of the Construction Sector.

This has led to the appearance of non-formal training of dubious quality whose purpose is usually not so much professionalization, but the parapet against possible judicial proceedings or labor inspection. There are isolated initiatives (some UNE standard, FLC Machinery Operators Certification, own training in machinery parks), but not an approach and global impact.

The boost to official qualification is critical and compelling, but it is not enough. The 4.0 construction demand more and more continuous and more specialized training. Constant innovations in safety, environmental aspects, etc. they demand a better updated and quality training offer.


Training, Construction, Machinery, Qualification, Machine operator, Education.

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