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The evolution in the paving machinery. The new developments and the 4.0 Asphalt concept

Juan José POTTI
Executive President of Asefma (Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Asphalt Mixtures)


This article tries to provide ideas and reflections to improve, with the means available today in the market and with the current machinery, the characteristics of behavior and durability of the pavements from concrete examples in each and every one of the phases of development of the work, from the preparation stage, to the execution or conservation stage, etc.

This work aims to show the current possibilities to build safer and more durable roads. From a perhaps futuristic reflection, because still no work in the world has been developed thus; However, counting on all the possibilities available today and acting in each and every one of the stages of the paving process, it is possible to develop the ideal work or the Asphalt 4.0 concept in the development stages of the work that in this text They describe.

The objective of this article is to promote a substantial improvement in the management of road networks based on concrete ideas of the bituminous mixtures manufacturing industry that Asefma represents in Spain, to take a giant step in collaboration with the Administrations responsible for the road networks of Spain, and be able to contribute to asphalt pavements with better behavior and much more durable than the current ones.

The orientation of this publication is not intended to be descriptive in the capabilities offered by the new existing machinery nor in the characteristics of the new devices and sensors for the paving works, but it is focused on the possibilities offered by this new machinery in collaboration with the current digital technology. Nor does it claim to be specific in the details of the use and good use of machinery, which are much better collected and described in the Asefma monographs referred to in the final bibliography.


Machinery, Pavement, Bituminous mixture, Asphalt mix, Sensor, Automation, Asphalt.

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