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Innovative Public Procurement Offer. The Sustainable Firms Plan

General Director of Mobility Infrastructure
Generalitat de Catalunya

Antoni HEREU
Projects Director
Generalitat de Catalunya

Albert GÓMEZ
Deputy General Director of Road Exploitation
Generalitat de Catalunya


There is extensive experience in our country in the rehabilitation of road surfaces with conventional asphalt agglomerates. However, in a context of unavoidable need for maximum optimization of the (still more) scarce resources available, it is necessary to explore new rehabilitation methodologies, if possible, with the incorporation of proximity materials and the enabling of production technologies and sustainable implementation economically and environmentally. On the other hand there is also interest in the implementation of new forms of collaborative contracting that can be consolidated in this impressive baggage of knowledge and good practices that we have for the management of our road signs.
In this sense, this article presents an experience in the development of the Generalitat de Catalunya for the implementation of a Plan of sustainable road signs, within the framework of the rehabilitation actions of the road network and applying as methodology the possibilities offered the Innovative Public Procurement Offer.


Firm, Rehabilitation, Asphalt mix, Sustainability, Innovation, Contracting, Catalonia, Innovative Public Purchase, Management, Road network.

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