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Cyclist accident in the road network of the Diputación de Valencia. Analysis and lines of action

Engineer of Roads, Channels and Ports
Head of the Road Safety and Supervision Service
Road and Infrastructure Area. Diputación de Valencia

Technical Engineer of Public Works. Road Safety and Supervision Service
Road and Infrastructure Area. Diputación de Valencia


The roads that form the network of the Provincial Council of Valencia have traditionally been very busy by sports cyclists, both amateur and federated groups, due to its typology, low traffic intensity and the good climate of the province of Valencia. In recent years there has been an increase in the influx of cyclists on these roads and therefore mobility, sometimes leading to an increase in accidents with bicycles.

The Diputación de Valencia, as manager of a road network, has rethought solutions for improving road safety in its network, taking into account the coexistence of motorized traffic and bicycle traffic on the same platform of the road.

This article shows the results of an in-depth study of the cyclist accident rate of the Diputación's network comparing it with the situation on Spanish roads. It also describes all the actions already carried out in relation to sports cyclists and the new proposals that are going to be carried out on the roads of the Diputación de Valencia, with the priority objective of guaranteeing safety in those traffic lanes shared with Motor vehicles. 


Traffic, accident, road safety, local network, mobility, bicycle, cyclist, Valencia, signaling, vertical signal.

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