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Tool to facilitate the help in making decisions in the management of road signs in the Regional Road Network of Bizkaia

Subdirector General of the Road Network. Provincial Council of Bizkaia (Bilbao)

Chief of Conservation Service. Provincial Council of Bizkaia (Bilbao)

Chief COEX of the High Capacity Network of Bizkaia, UTE AUBIDE 

Asset Management Director. DAIR ENGINEERS


The Provincial Council of Bizkaia has embarked, as the ultimate responsible for the quality of service in the High Capacity Network of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Bilbao, in a proactive system of analysis and evaluation of road service conditions to improve preventive management of its assets and especially of the firm ones.

Within a comprehensive management of all the intervening factors, a GESTIVA tool has been developed, capable of managing at each point of the network and over time the existing data in the different inventories: traffic, layout, climatology, active-firm, accidents , actions taken.

The tool allows analyzing and diagnosing, making the necessary decisions and evaluating the effectiveness of the measures adopted, in real time, for the management of pavements and their regeneration, integrating jointly and immediately all the existing information in the inventories and a correlation of all factors involved in the accident.


Road safety, Signing, Asset management, Asset, Asset management, Bizkaia, Inventory, Road network, Bilbao, Pavement.

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