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Sensorized signaling: solutions for the management and safe use of the track

Ingeniero de Caminos, Canales y Puertos
General Director of Operations of TECNIVIAL, SA


We live in an era of profound technological change, today almost everything is possible, we have technology for it and we should only put it at the service of our interests and generate the appropriate environment to be able to turn innovative projects into reality.

The incursion of the autonomous vehicle into our infrastructures means that we have to carry out a deep adaptation of these to the new boundary conditions and we have vertical signals on which we can implement sensors that provide us with a multitude of information; With its sensorization it has been possible for the information transmitted to us to go from being static to dynamic information that allows us to know in real time what road safety conditions are in the vicinity of the signal.

The next step of these dynamic signaling systems should be aimed at interacting with the automated vehicle, and may even modify the conditions of travel of this.


Sensor, Mobility, Traffic, Road safety, Sensorized signaling, Intelligent crossing, Detection.

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