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Smart highways and integrated mobility

Carles Pitarque
Director of Technology of Motorways Spain

Xavier Daura
Head of Innovation of Motorways Spain


Currently, almost all autonomous driving initiatives focus mainly on vehicles and drivers. To be prepared for the gradual insertion of automated vehicles there is an inherent need for adaptations in the road infrastructure, a procedure on the other hand, which is carried out at a slower pace than automation in the vehicle.

For about a year, Autopistas España, a company of the Abertis group, has collaborated with some European projects, Inframix y C'Roads, as a test bed for the mobility of the future.

These projects focus on the search for solutions to design, update, adapt and test physical and digital elements of road infrastructure. The objective is to create a motorway model that allows uninterrupted, predictable, safe and efficient traffic, through a hybrid road infrastructure capable of managing the transition period of vehicles and that serves as the basis for the autonomous transport systems of the future. Although the project is primarily targeting highways, the most important results can be transferred to urban roads.

This project is strongly linked to the strategic lines of innovation and the project Road Tech of the Abertis Group. The company works to adapt the new types of vehicles (electric, autonomous and connected) in its motorway network, always with the aim of improving the safety of people.


Traffic, autonomous driving, vehicle, mixed vehicle, connected vehicle, integrated mobility, digital infrastructure.

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