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Adaptation of the conventional road to sections 2 + 1

General Director of Infrastructure of Land Mobility
Generalitat de Catalunya

Deputy Director General of Road Use
Generalitat de Catalunya


In recent years we have experienced a stagnation in the reduction of accidents on our roads. That means that new actions are necessary, different from those implemented so far, to be able to reduce and implement a zero vision on our roads. In the case of frontal and fronto-lateral collisions, the transformation of conventional roads into 2 + 1 roads is a measure with a relatively low cost and very good results. The article explains and details different experiences carried out in the Generalitat de Catalunya network where, in specific cases with a strong social alarm due to high accident rates, the implementation of these solutions has meant a radical change. At this moment the Generalitat implements an ambitious plan of transformation to 2 + 1 in different axes, and is drafting a design regulation and a circular to self-demand this type of section under certain conditions.


Road safety, frontal crash, zero vision, 2 + 1, New section, Innovation, Catalonia.

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