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Design, construction and conservation of roads for the minimization of the environmental footprint

José Luis PEÑA
Managing Director of the Spanish Technological Road Platform


Mobility is a key element as a generator of wealth and wellbeing. Road mobility is the basis of current transport and all citizens value their use very positively. However, it must also be remembered that the road transport sector is one of the biggest contributors to environmental impacts: globally due to greenhouse gas emissions and at the urban level due to NOx emissions, particles in suspension, noise and other polluting gases.

How to contribute to the reduction of environmental impacts is the subject of this publication, addressing various strategies that affect vehicles, the construction of infrastructures and the exploitation of them.

The reduction of environmental impacts requires, first, knowing and quantifying them. This quantification process allows us to address the global challenges that countries are agreeing to curb climate change. However, there is a complementary view of the procedures for evaluating environmental impacts that allow organizations to delve into the ecodesign of their products and services, which can make them more competitive.


Mobility, Environment, Climate change, LCA life cycle analysis, Ecodesign, Environmental impact.

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