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Traffic guiding principles and its implementation in Road Safety

Pablo Daniel FUENTES
Degree in Accidentology and Road Prevention, Commissioner (RE), former Head of the Criminalistics Division of the Police of La Pampa (Argentina), Official Expert, Professor at the Higher Police Institute in the subject of Road Safety Education. Actualmente Prosecretario de la Procuración General de la Provincia de La Pampa, con funciones de asesor en Accidentología Vial

Gabriel Horacio MARINO
Relator del Tribunal Oral en lo Criminal Federal de la Provincia de La Pampa


This present article deals with the guiding principles of traffic, which have emerged from the consensus of numerous international treaties and agreements that date back to the second half of the last century, and whose axiomatic basis is present (implicitly or explicitly) in most of the world road rules.

The authors have conceptually developed each of the fifteen basic principles (following the taxonomy of one of the most prominent jurists on the subject), guiding the appreciation of them towards drivers, and using examples extracted from Road Accidents in those who have considered more relevant, to promote their understanding.

Emphasis is placed on the need to incorporate the knowledge of these principles in Road Safety Education, as an essential requirement to promote adherence to road rules from a pedagogical and didactic perspective.


Traffic, Road safety education, Safety, Road rules, Driver, Road accident, Fluency, Organization.

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