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Feedback after five years monitoring roads

Bertrand POUTEAU
Director de investigación. Centro de Investigación de Eurovia (Francia)

Responsable de la sección mecánica/ instrumentación/ sector ferroviario
Centro de Investigación de Eurovia (Francia)

Directora técnica. Eurovia Management España


Today, intelligent transport systems (ITS) are being applied in the transport sector, but they have not been applied in the study of road behavior. This article deals with the monitoring of roads, in order to obtain data on the behavior of the same in real time. In this way, new products can be quickly validated and also, can be evaluated how a road behaves depending on the factors that are applied (loads, climatology, etc.).

The article includes a selection of sensors to be used in the monitoring, how they are implemented in the roadway and two test sections are analyzed after 5 years of implementation, studying both the information received from them, as well as the improvement in the implantation and selection of sensors to increase their durability.


Intelligent transport system ITS, bituminous mixture, asphalt mix, sizing, pavement, sensor, monitoring, experimental section, temperature, deformation.

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