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Evaluation of the mechanical behavior of a granular layer with the addition of hydraulic concrete recycling in Colombia

Oscar Orlando RUBIO RUBIO 
Civil Engineer, Laboratory Coordinator, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana  (Colombia)

Adriana Elizabeth FERNÁNDEZ MUÑOZ 
Ingeniera civil, Universidad La Gran Colombia (Colombia)

Hermes Ariel VACCA GÁMEZ 
Civil Engineer, MSc. Assistant Professor, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, 
Investigador del grupo CECATA avalado por Colciencias (Colombia)


This article presents a first approach to the mechanical and physical performance for a granular material mixed with crushed recycled hydraulic concrete, the blend was made with the aim to assess its viability to be used in pavement’s granular layer construction. Four mixtures were prepared with different recycled concrete contents including granular material without addition. The blended granular materials were characterized based on the Colombian Highways Specifications. According to the experimental results was possible to observe an improvement in the mechanical behavior in terms of California bearing ratio (CBR) and resilient modulus on the blended aggregates.


Cement, Concrete, Granular material, Resilient module, Recycled concrete, Recycled, Environment, CBR, Colombia. ment, CBR, Colombia.

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