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Development of new smart materials for the pavements of the future

Dr. Ingeniero de Caminos Canales y Puertos
Deputy Director of the Construction Engineering Laboratory of the Universidad de Granada (LabIC.UGR)

Dr. Ingeniero de Caminos Canales y Puertos 
Director of the Construction Engineering Laboratory of the Universidad de Granada (LabIC.UGR)


The present article shows some of the results obtained in several research projects carried out at the Laboratory of Construction Engineering of the University of Granada, whose main objective is to develop new materials to fulfil future needs in road infrastructures. It summarises part of the results obtained during the development of mechanomutable binders that are materials manufactured from a bituminous matriz and a disperse phase composed of nano and micro magnetic particles, which allow the modification of the elasticity and stiffness of the binder when they are activated by a variable magnetic field. In addition, the advances achieved during the study of new materials for the guidance of autonomous vehicles, road maintenance, improvement of road safety, etc. are shown. The results obtained in these studies reveal the viability of a new generation of materials that are able to contribute in the transformation of traditional transport infrastructures in smart infrastructures.


Binder, Mechanomutable binder, Vehicle, Autonomous vehicle, Road safety, Bituminous pavement, Intelligent material, Bituminous mix, Asphalt mix, Anti-ice pavement.

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