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The AUTOCITS project, a study for the adoption of autonomous driving

R & D Coordinator Indra


The AUTOCITS project is a European innovation project (CEF Program) that aims to facilitate the circulation of autonomous vehicles in urban nodes through the deployment of intelligent transport services based on cooperative systems (C-ITS), which allow the communication and the secure exchange of data between vehicles, users and infrastructure. The project addresses the links between this connectivity and automation, focusing especially on road safety and the necessary changes in infrastructure and control centers, in a physical and digital sense. The aim is to reconcile the function of traffic management that is carried out from these centers with the presence of vehicles without a driver, taking into account, in addition, that the information provided by the traffic authorities through the intelligent services C-ITS It has a growing importance at the highest levels of automation to trigger actions in both conventional and automated vehicles.


Traffic, Vehicle, Mobility, Automation, Road safety, Connected vehicle, Autonomous vehicle, Cooperative system, Regulation, Interoperability.

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