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Internet of Things and the new cellular connectivity applied to the road

Expert in Business Development IoT
Digital Business Address Telefónica España (28050 Madrid)


Internet of Things is a megatrend that is impacting multiple areas of human activity although we do not know what it is. The combination of sensors, communication gateways, new forms of connectivity specific to this area and platforms capable of mass processing millions of signals in real time, will enable great advances in surface mobility. We need to know what new solutions can be applied to the road to meet its major challenges: the reduction of traffic jams, accidents and pollution. We must also know what advantages this new connectivity designed for vehicles and transport infrastructure called LTE-V, which connects vehicles with infrastructures to make them smart, with other vehicles to make autonomous driving a reality even more tangible and even with the pedestrians to improve their security, in an economically sustainable way taking advantage of the infrastructures of mobile operators.


Traffic, Mobility, Vehicle, Internet of Things, Communication, Cellular connectivity, Car connected.

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