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Circulation of autonomous vehicles. Legislative challenges

Subdirectorate General of Operations and Mobility
General Directorate of Traffic (Ministry of the Interior)


The incipient and unstoppable advance of technology that is happening in the last decade worldwide affecting society itself, mainly in its relational modes, is directly impacting the field of mobility in a significant way in recent years due to two phenomena complementary and convergent: connectivity and automation. These new trends and technological developments applied to the automotive world and, therefore, the circulation, will make possible, by reducing the current negative impacts, a new model of mobility by the truly sustainable, inclusive, safe and healthy transit routes. . This authentic technological and social revolution requires that the Administration responsible for road safety and traffic management adopt a clear leadership position, facing these challenges through open and flexible legislative initiatives that ensure the correct evolution of the systems and that, at the Once, they contribute to incorporate new technologies in a safe and socially acceptable way.


Traffic, Vehicle, Mobility, Autonomous driving, Connected vehicle, Automation, Connectivity, Sustainability.

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