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The Autovía del Olivar, supporting the inland Andalusia

Ingeniero de Caminos, Canales y Puertos 
Director de obra. Agencia de Obra Pública de la Junta de Andalucía (AOPJA)


The Olivar motorway runs through the interior of Andalusia from Úbeda (Jaén) to Estepa in the province of Seville. The Junta de Andalucía has made an important investment investment in this area and putting in service 5 new sections at the end of 2015. These 32 km of new highway constitute together an important engineering milestone in our country, and complete the route between Jaén And Úbeda, being determinants for the development of the province of Jaén.

Everyone who has participated in a large lineal work knows the enormous difficulties presented by its execution. Crossing rivers like the river Guadalquivir, the Torres or the Guadalbullón, is connected with two motorways, the AXNUMX and the AXNUMX. They cross lands that pose a geotechnical challenge as they are composed of high plasticity and expansivity marl, as well as slopes with important instabilities. The route has been an axis of connection since the beginning of time, and have been located and excavated several important archaeological sites Iberian, Roman and Muslim cultures.

Finally note that in these sections has made a brave bet for innovation, building several experimental stretches: expansive embankments stabilized with ashes, mixtures with NFU rubber and restoration of slopes with sludge from sewage plant. 


Motorway, Andalusia, Soil stabilisation, Ash, Rubber NFU, International Roughness Index (IRI), Heritage conservation, Geotechnics, Archaeological, Innovation.

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