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A proposal of indicators for geotechnical asset management of cuts and road embankments

Director de los Laboratorios de Investigación en Infraestructura
Instituto Mexicano del Transporte (76703 Querétaro - México)

Assistant Director of Auscultation of the General Directorate of Technical Services. Ministry of Communications and Transportation 
(03240 Ciudad de México - México)

General Director of the Mexican Alliance of Organization of 
Transportistas. Delegación Chiapas (30020 Guadalupe - México)


This paper presents a proposal of Indicators that allows to assign a numerical value to the level of instability of road cuts and embankments. These indicators are determined based on a series of scores that are assigned to various factors of instability that have been considered relevant. The indicators are easy to determine and allow to evaluate over time in a road network the evolution of instability risks of all the cuts and embankments present. Those responsible for management will find them particularly useful for all the planning and costing activities of future maintenance and conservation actions, which, carried out in a timely manner, will minimize the failures of these geotechnical assets and detect those that, due to their risk, require special attention. 


 Geotechnical assets, Roads, Slopes, Embankment, Indicators, Risk.

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