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The impact of the Paris Summit on road decarbonisation

Director Civil Engineering and Roads
Alfonso X el Sabio University (UAX)


The present article, continuation of the author's communication in the last 29ª Road Week (Úbeda and Baeza, October of 2016), analyzes the new environmental conditions imposed by the application of the commitments made at the Paris Summit in the engineering of roads that, as in any sector, imply a society low in carbon.

From here, the necessary decarbonisation of the road trasnport implies a good consideration of greenhouse gas emissions, which involves the construction and subsequent exploitation of the road from the point of view of the construction itself, the materials used and, above all, of the transport that circulates by them.

The Kyoto Protocol and later the Paris Agreement introduce new variables in the environmental analysis of any human activity that are not yet fully considered in road engineering. In the present article, the strategies to be followed in the decarbonization of the road are exposed and analyzed, within the policies that are already underway against Climate Change.


Sustainable engineering, Sustainability, Environment, Paris agreement, Life Cycle Analisis (LCA), Greenhouse gas, Carbon footprint, Emission, Climate change.

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