How to improve safety in road infrastructures through the tolerant and sustainable roads project

Director del Área de Estudios. ESTEYCO (08005 Barcelona)
Auditor de Seguridad Vial


One of the most significant situations to achieve the objective of a substantial improvement in road safety and, consequently, a significant reduction in these types of accidents are, undoubtedly, during the design and development phase of a road project.

In the different phases of a road project there are certain aspects of safety in which we must focus more on: layout coordination, nodes, margins, etc.

Efforts must be made to minimize the consequences of road accident by designing safe margins, which is the concept of Tolerant roads.

Safety is the primary objective that we must pursue when planning, designing, building and maintaining road corridors. And the concept of tolerant and sustainable roads must contribute to the goal of making our roads safer and more sustainable and to project them correctly.


Road safety, Sustainability, Project, Design, Safe margin, Tolerant road, Road accident, Human factor, Accident.

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