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Aspects for road land transport in Argentina

Jefe del Sector de Educación Vial. Grupo Asegurador La Segunda. PUniversity professor in Education Sciences. Universidad Nacional de Rosario (Argentina) 


In Latin America, particularly in Argentina, it is imperative to professionalize the activity of road freight transport. Until now, a precarious look has prevailed, lacking a global understanding, which tends to focus on the act of transport itself, neglecting the associated activities such as stowage, loading and unloading, storage and the incorporation of technology throughout the entire journey. of the activity. In terms of training, this sector advances slowly, focusing on the driver and neglecting the rest of the transport chain. Something similar happens with the incorporation of technology. This state of affairs affects, on the one hand, those who contract the service and, on the other, road safety.  


Transport, Goods, Truck, Argentina, Road safety, Load, Road transport, Professionalization, Overview, Training, Technology.

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