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Semi-hot asphalt mixes with foam bitumen: manufacturing and implementation

José Simón GRAU
Jefe de laboratorio de Chm

Julio López AYERRA
Licenciado en Ciencias Químicas de CTCON

Francisco José LUCAS OCHOA
Director Técnico de Repsol

CTR Repsol Laboratory Manager


This work is part of MB2T project, funded by the European Commission through the Feder Funds. One of the highlights of this project is the development of manufacturing technology of semi-hot asphalt mixes using technology foam bitumen.

The aim of this work is the manufacture of different types of mixtures, both hot and semi-hot (foam) to make a comparison of the benefits that we can provide foams relative to conventional blends.

With this type of mixture obtain a series of benefits over hot mixtures they are:

  • Benefits emissions. Environmental and benefits reducing fuel consumption in the manufacture of semi-hot mixtures with foam bitumen causes CO2 emissions to the atmosphere are lower.
  • Benefits economics. Benefits reducing the temperature of these mixed forces us to use less fuel in production, so we get a saving in energy consumption.
  • Extended benefits and compactación. Another of the improvements in job security is that by working with semi-hot mixture, the worker is exposed to lower.


Environment, Foam bitumen, Frothing, Workability, Binder, Bitumen mix, Asphalt mix, Semi-hot mixture.

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