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A methodology to determine the significance of criteria for prioritizing road stretches for action against traffic noise

Doctor in Roads, Canals and Ports Engineering. Associate Professor. Federal University of Santa María. Course in Transportation Engineering and Logistics (90.035-190, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)

Antonio J. TORIJA
Doctor en Ciencias Ambientales. Institute of Sound and Vibration Research. University of Southampton (UK)

Doctor en Ciencias Ambientales. Profesor Titular del Departamento de Ingeniería Civil (Área de Tecnologías del Medio Ambiente). E.T.S. de I.C.C.P. Universidad de Granada

Diego P. RUIZ
Doctor en Ciencias Físicas. Profesor Titular del Departamento de Física Aplicada. Facultad de Ciencias. Universidad de Granada


Road traffic noise is one of the main environmental impacts of road infrastructures, so that efficient solutions are required for reducing noise exposure. Analyzing the noise action plans published in Spain it is observed a widespread lack of methodologies and criteria for the decision-making process on prioritizing road stretches in noise action plans. In this paper the main decision-making criteria are defined. Also, an objective and reasoned methodology, called PATRON, is developed, and these criteria are weighted for the construction of a normalized numerical index, the Road Stretch Priority Index. The weight of each decision-making criterion is determined by applying the Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process to the results obtained from an expert panel. The developed methodology is implemented in a case study in order to test the validity of the weights assigned to the criteria in the decision-making problem under study. Priority Tranche Index. To do this, it is used successfully Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process the results of an expert panel. The application of this methodology to a case study allowed the validation of assigning weights to these criteria studied the problem decision.


Road traffic, Noise, Environment, Impact, Road traffic noise action plan, Environmental Noise Directive, Priority, Road stretch priority variable, Fuzzy analytic hierarchy process.

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