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The Aristotelian Theory of Knowledge applied on road education

Pablo Daniel FUENTES
Degree in Accidentology and Road Prevention, Chief Commissioner of the Division 
Criminalistics of the Police of La Pampa (Argentina), Official Expert, Teacher at the Police Institute in the field Driver Education

Gabriel Horacio MARINO
Relator del Tribunal Oral en lo Criminal Federal de la Provincia de La Pampa (Argentina)


An intelligent driver is that one who has the capacity of choosing, among different possibilities, the best option to solve a traffic situation. (a) That choice will only be possible as long as this driver has previously acquired some knowledge that will allow him to correctly identify those risk factors that are inexorably present in real traffic situations, and at the same time, to act accordingly to neutralize or reduce the danger of collision. The knowledge of traffic laws is an important part of the theoretical knowledge that every driver must acquire, but it is also essential to understand the physical reasons (theoretical knowledge) that turn certain behavior necessary to be followed at every time.


Traffic, Vehicle, Road safety, Education safety, Intelligent driver, Knowledge, Risk factor, Intersection.

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