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Coexistence between cyclists and motorised traffic: bicycle on the road network of the Regional Council of Valencia

Ingeniero de Caminos, Canales y Puertos
Jefe del Servicio de Conservación y Explotación
Área de Carreteras e Infraestructuras. Diputación de Valencia (46010 Valencia)


Bikes are considered a secondary means of transportation and, consequently, the road-network-operators have never given them the desired and necessary importance. In recent times the use of the bicycle has increased both for recreational reasons and can be considered as a proven means of sustainable transportation. Unfortunately, an increase in the usage of bicycles has resulted in an increase in accidents. An example of this is the increase of bicycle accidents along the road-network of Diputación de Valencia.

This article intends to highlight the presence of bicycles in a local road network and will examine the different typologies of cyclists that we find on our roads. Furthermore, the article will demonstrate the measures adopted by ‘Diputación of Valencia’ for the full integration of cyclists as transportation customers.


Road safety, Traffic, Diputacion, Bike, Cycling, Local road network, Accident, ignposting, Valencia.

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