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Local highways, a basic social policy service for Spanish municipalities

Ingeniero de Caminos
Jefe de Servicio de Movilidad y Vialidad Local en la Diputación de Valencia (46003 Valencia)
Consejero de la A.E.C. y Delegado en la Comunidad Valenciana
Consejero del Colegio de Ingenieros de Caminos


The Government of Spain should be driving the implementation of policies that prioritize economic growth, to create employment and promote social cohesion across the entire country.

In this context, selective investment in improving accessibility of Spanish municipalities from local highways would be a programme meeting the maximum number of required conditions:

  • Local roads are a staple of social policy.
  • Local highways still continue to present the highest accident rates.

The investment in local roads produces a tax return to the State higher than 50%.       


Local highway, Economic growth, Provincial public administration, Accessibility, Strategy, Small municipality, Selective investment, Local investment fund, Accident occurrence, Fiscal return, Road safety, Net employment.

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