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Optimization of the preservation of vertical and horizontal signage on the highway network of the Provincial Council of Valladolid

Angel Maria Garcia SOURCE
Ingeniero de Caminos, Canales y Puertos
Provincial de Valladolid (47071 - Valladolid)

Ingeniero Técnico de Obras Públicas
Provincial de Valladolid (47071 - Valladolid)

José Miguel PERANDONES Peidro
Director General AMAC EUROPE SL


The optimization of road networks maintenance costs has increased its relevance during the last years due to the need for maximizing the use of the available economic resources.

According to that, the County of Valladolid has been applying during the last years innovative tools in order to increase the level of precise and objective information to improve the maintenance activities of traffic signs and pavement markings along its road network.

Following the above target, it has started to use dynamic survey technologies to inspect retroreflectivity levels for traffic signs and pavement marking, so that reliable information can be gathered safely in shorter periods of time.

All the information that can be obtained, compiled within a specific inventory, is allowing to perform an optimized management of these elements as well as to carry out a fast and simple update of the signs and markings performance.


Local road, Traffic signs, Horizontal signs, Road marking, Maintenance, Retrorreflectivity, Dynamic survey, Valladolid.

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