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The local network of highways and rural roads. The Local Roads Plan

Jefe del Servicio de Red Viaria Local. Diputación de Girona (17004 Girona)

Jefe de la Oficina Técnica de Planificación y Actuación en Infraestructuras
Diputación de Barcelona (08037 Barcelona)


Byways have provided the land with structure since time immemorial and are, to a large degree, the seed from which the current highway network has sprung. This is especially the case of the local highway network, which is the property of provincial councils.

Byways tend to be the property of local councils, and on many occasions serve an equivalent function to that of the local highway network. The fact is that some of these byways ought to be recognised as highways, and be suitably improved. Furthermore, there are frequent cases of certain highways not functioning as such, and proposals ought to be put forward to declassify them. This pending process of reclassification is what we propose to address with the Local Network Plan presented in this article. Its undertaking constitutes a challenge for the highway departments of the Provincial councils, and we feel it should be seen as a great opportunity for improving their position in the organisations, always within the framework of their general policy of supporting Provincial town councils.  


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