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self-explanatory roads: improving road safety of vulnerable road users

David COTA Mascuñana
Specialist in Road Safety, Mobility and Transportation. Area Director Planning and Infrastructure Management. ICEACSA Group

Road Safety Specialist, Mobility and Transport. Planning Area and Infrastructure Management. ICEACSA Group

Head of the Mobility Management Area. General direction of traffic. 
Ministry of Interior. Government of Spain


The Spanish road safety policy of the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) focuses on the 0 vision, defined as the development of a system that minimizes the potential for accidents and in any case the injured. One of the most influential aspects is the readability of the road by drivers and especially road markings. Based on the vision of the Sustainable Road Safety developed in the Netherlands in the years 90, the main objective is to develop what are known as self-explanatory roads, which show a road signs with clear instructions to users about the type of route by which They circulate and behavior to be taken to ensure road safety for all road users.

To develop self-explanatory road markings, has done a
"Benchmarking" (a) on different types of road markings used most outstanding worldwide and its main features. The DGT is developing significant progress in this field in Spain and continues to investigate in this line of work.


horizontal signs, Innovation, self-explanatory Road, Readability, road safety, signage, road marking, Soundtrack, Roads forgiving.

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