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Mexico City towards Vision Zero Accidents

Secretary of Mobility (SEMOVI) Mexico City
Undersecretary of Planning (06700, Cuauhtémoc. Mexico City)

Erika Kulpa Verdin
Mobility Department (SEMOVI)
Departmental Head of Programming Unit 


Mexico City in recent years has been working on a paradigm shift in mobility with the intention to build and develop a more humane city. The most recent changes in public policies and regulations have taken the person as central focus, leaving behind the initiatives focused on private vehicles. One of the main concerns of the current administration related to mobility is the road safety situation that exists in the city. The loss of life by acts of transit (a) is a serious problem that affects everyday life the inhabitants of the city. The Government of Mexico City is unacceptable to continue with this health problem so it has launched its Public Policy Vision Zero Accidents on the reason for saving lives on the road.


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