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Policies for vulnerable road users of road systems in Mexico

Maria Guadalupe SAUCEDO ROJAS
Researcher. Mexican Institute of Transport (Querétaro, 76703)

Nadia Gomez Gonzalez
Researcher. Mexican Institute of Transport (Querétaro, 76703)

Transportation Security and Operation Coordinator 
Mexican Institute of Transport (Querétaro, 76703)


In Mexico traffic accidents cause around 16.000 deaths per year, corresponding to more than 40% vulnerable road users (pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists). A study by the European Road Safety Council in 2003 concludes that the risk of a vulnerable user loses life is more than five times greater than the risk of a person traveling by car.

This article describes the situation of vulnerable users in Mexico, as well as some of the efforts being carried out in order to have road systems that promote mobility of all types of users in an orderly, safe, efficient and sustainable.


Vulnerable user, Mobility, Infrastructure, Mortality, Road safety, Traffic, Traffic, Accident, Motorcyclist, Cyclist, Pedestrian. 

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