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Northern Urban Toll Road in Mexico, a commitment to safety and improvement in mobility

Ángel MESA
Director Técnico. OHL Concesiones

Ignacio GARCÍA
Director of Concessions in the Construction Phase. OHL Mexico 

Ingeniero de Estructuras. OHL Construcción

Javier Rodriguez CEPEDA
Director Técnico. OHL Construcción


The Northern Urban Toll Road connects the State of Mexico at the level of the exToreo de Cuatro Caminos (Four Roads) stopover, with the centre, west and south of Mexico City, making this the benchmark transport route of the largest metropolitan area in the northern hemisphere, with nearly 27 million inhabitants. In its northern end it integrates the connection of the second levels of the ring road where it intersects with the Bicentennial Viaduct and is equipped with a 100% electronic toll system under a mixed free-flow business model. Its layout reduces to a minimum the effects on the Chapultepec forest, the largest urban park in Latin America. It also results in an increase in traffic speed from 30 to 60 km/h in high-congestion sections. It should be highlighted that an innovative system has been incorporated into its structure that allows its evolution to be measured in real time when subject to seismic events in a setting where the occurrence of such activity is high.


Mexico, Toll Booth, Autopista Urbana Norte, viaduct, tunnel, car transport, R & D, electronic toll collection, mixed Telepeaje without stops.

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